OPPO plans $216m industrial park in India

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO is planning to invest 1.5 billion yuan ($216 million) to build an industrial park in India, with a goal of producing 100 million units per year, Sina Tech reported Wednesday.

The park, spread over 1,000 acres in northern city Greater Noida, will include a manufacturing factory, OPPO Vice-President and OPPO India President Sky Li said, adding the project will be built in separate stages, and is expected to be finished in two to three years.

"The initial target is 50 million units, and the ultimate goal is 100 million units," Li said.

OPPO already has a factory in Greater Noida. Li, who is confident about the future of OPPO smartphone in the Indian market, said OPPO will offer excellent customer experience to gain market share.

"Unlike other smartphone makers, we don't pursue high volume of shipments, or expanding company scale. On the contrary, we focus on providing high quality products," Li said.

"OPPO is creating a trend for the industry, and many smartphone makers are following us on the selfie functionality," Li added. "OPPO's market positioning is correct and precise, highlighting our market research capacity."

India has outpaced the United States this year to become the world's second-largest smartphone market, according to GSMA, an industry organization made up of around 800 telecom operators.

GSMA also predicted that India will have one billion mobile subscribers by 2020, compared with 616 million users in June 2016.