BYD's E-bus factory in Lancaster USA

BYD's E-bus factory in Lancaster USA

China’s new energy carmaker BYD’s e-bus will be driving into Egypt as its second largest city Alexandria made an order of 15 vehicles on Jan 24 local time.

They will become the country’s first pure electric buses in history. The order also includes 18 charging poles.

BYD's e-bus to hit the roads in Egypt

The Governor of Alexandria Dr. Mohamed Sultan said it is a historical driving force to promote new energy transportation and sustainable development in Egypt.

The Shenzhen-based vehicle manufacturer has become a significant player in Egypt’s public transportation market. In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, BYD’s sedan accounts for 40 percent of the city’s taxi fleet and its sport utility vehicle S5 is scheduled for a local launch in March.

It also plans to construct a BYD SkyRail monorail through Alexandria’s congested city center and possibly develop the country’s solar energy sector.

Besides selling products, the company also intends to assemble electric buses and electric cars in Egypt.

BYD’s new energy vehicles have landed in more than 200 cities across 50 countries and regions.