Wi-Fi service will be available on China High-speed trains in December 2016

Chinese passengers on high-speed trains are soon to end their days suffering from weak network signals as WiFi is to be installed on the trains in December, Xinhua News Agency reports.

Satellite transceivers, devices used for transmitting WiFi signals, have been installed on trains for further testing.

It is estimated that the WiFi will be officially up and running by December 2016.

2016 China’s Straddling Bus, TEB-1, on a road test

The world’s first elevated bus has taken its first test drive in china’s qinhuangdao, hebei province this week. the giant vehicle spans 22 meters long, nearly 8 meters wide, and reaches almost 5 meters above the tops of cars, soaring over traffic, decreasing gridlock, and speeding up ordinary vehicular travel. accommodating more than 300 passengers, the bus straddles the road, allowing personal vehicles to pass safely underneath.

Chang Zheng 7 Long March

China conducted the first flight of the new-generation Long March rocket on Saturday night, marking the first use of the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in the island province of Hainan.

The rocket took off from its launch pad at the Wenchang center at 8pm and put a Yuanzheng 1A restartable upper stage into space. The Yuanzheng 1A released six payloads into their preset orbits.

China's Satellite industry set to hit new heights in 2016

Photographed on May 25th 2016, The Shanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellites (SECM).

China is likely to be building and supplying at least 10 percent of the world's satellites by 2020, according to a leading space researcher.

"A forecast by a foreign consultancy points out that around 1,000 satellites will be launched before 2020 to meet the demands of the market and we believe Chinese-developed satellites will account for more than 10 percent of that market," said Yuan Minhui, the director of the Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Information. Yuan, who spoke to China Daily on Monday on the sidelines of the Third China International Satellite Service Business Matching event, which is aimed at promoting Chinese satellites in the international market, said the role will only continue to grow.