At the end of 2005, Jinzhou Group and Dongfeng Group came into contact. both groups gave their confidence to global airplane market and set up a light-weight airplane institution, hired senior specialist in aviation. They worked out a sample airplane before June 2008, according to western standards.

It's a two seat sport airplane. Its body was made from new composite materials, Wingspan 10.5m; Length 7m; Load capacity 500Kg; weight 280Kg.In the end, the cost of production was cut by 50%.

Lin shengjian, vice president of Jinzhou Group, who is in charge of the manufacture of light weight airplane said yesterday, the sample plane have been sent to US for test, it will be exported as long as get AC Airworthiness Certificate from US.

At present, US Changxin company have already signed a 3years contract. The plan production is 500 planes per year, and the market price will be 100 thousand dollars per plane.