Chinese auto maker - Chery - brings 15 new models for 2009. These 15 new models involved 5 platforms: Platform A\B\H\P\S.

Chery new model s16

Chery S16 is somehow similiar to volkswagen beatles, especially the front curve.

S16 has two doors, they improved the feeling of open and close door.

In order to enhance the security of this model, S16 uses sets of LED front lights and rear lights which integrated with Chinese Q ideal.

It is powered by SQR473F 1.3L engine, about 83 horsepower, better than its QQ's.

Chery new model s18

Codesigned with a Italian design studio, S18 is a brand new model in european style. It will be equipped with ABS+EBD, anti-theft system, pre-tight safty belt, dual airba, reverse senso, children lock, CD, GPS, MP3 and so on.

s18 is powered by Chery ACTOCO engine.

Chery new model s18c

Inspired by Beijing Olympic mascot - Fuwa "huanhuan", s18c is designed as a trendy and economic model. It has 4doors and 5 seats, but provides more space than its competitors.

Other dimensions are same as s18.

Chery new model s18d

Inspired by Beijing Olympic mascot - Fuwa "jingjing", s18d is designed as a city mini SUV model based on S18 platform, but provides more power than other s18 based models.

Cowin, the 2nd generation


Cowin masked, 2nd generation

A13, the 2nd generation of Cowin, is planning to roll off line in the middle of 2009. It will continues to use the suspension of former generation, and powered by 1.5L 477F engine.

Chery B6, interior code b21

Chery B6, interior code B21, is the 2nd generation of Eastar. Its target market is AUDI A4's market. Main competitors are Accord and camry, B21 will join in competition as Chery's upscale auto.

B12 new model of Chery

Chery B12 designed by the same design studio of B21 aims at Audi A6.

Chery MPV B13

Chery MPV B13 

Chery roadster B23

Chery roadster B23, which has big rims, sports curves, is designed by BERTONE Italy.

Chery new model p11

Chery P11

Chery new model H13

Chery H13

Tian Gong Yi hao

The model of "Heaven No.1" was show during the session of Chinese New Year Evening. It was said that this capsule has the same functions as a small space station.

Tian Gong Yi Hao

As reported, it will be sent during 2010 and 2011, but before the end of 2011. With two years after that, Shenzhou No.8, No.9 and No.10 will be sent to connect with this 8-tons space station.

BEIJING -- China plans to complete its independent global satellite navigation system by launching about 30 more orbiters before 2015, a space technology official said Sunday.

China plans to send 10 navigation satellites into the space in 2009 and 2010, said Zhang Xiaojin, director of astronautics department with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) told China Central Television (CCTV).

The plan is to establish a global navigation system consisting of more than 30 satellites by the year of 2015. The system will shake off the dependence on foreign systems, Zhang said.

US's GPS has been widely used for commercial navigation in vehicles, cell phones and other civilian devices in China. Chinese civilian and military users could be guided by their own satellites worldwide after the Beidou becomes the world's fourth edition of global navigation systems.

China launched the first satellite, Beidou Navigation System, into geostationary orbit in October 2000, in an effort to build up its own positioning system independent from the US's Global Positioning System (GPS), E.U.'s Galileo Positioning System and Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS).

China has sent five positioning orbiters into the space. The current Beidou system only provides regional navigation service within China's territory.

Since Beidou's fifth orbiter launched in April 2007, China has started to upgrade the navigation system to the second generation, code named COMPASS.

China's future bus platform

Inspired by traditional art, the next generation of bus platform has  Chinese elements in its design.

China's future bus

With ultra-width door, the new generation bus platform provides more possibilities and convenience to passengers.

China's future bus platform

Views from different angles


The concept bus named NTF might be the powerful tools for city transport which requires clean power and efficiency. This design inherits the traditional Chinese Lang style. As a public platform it enables internal comunication for passengers.

The calligraphy element enriches the power of design. Passengers can enjoy the view outside through bus windows. The most outstanding character is the bus is powered by Hydrogen and electricity.

It will come into the market in the near future.

alien tractor

alien tractor

 These photos was uploaded on a local website by a netizen. This alien tractor lost a right rear wheel. The owner of it plugged a log and drove it on road, left long trail behind.