2016 China launches new satellite for civilian high-resolution mapping

China launched a new civilian high-resolution mapping satellite on Monday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi province.

The 2.7-tonne Ziyuan III 02 satellite took off on the back of a Long March 4B rocket at 11:17 am Beijing time, according to the center. It was the 228th flight mission by a Long March carrier rocket.

Also on board the rocket were two NewSat satellites from Uruguay. All three satellites have entered preset orbits, the Taiyuan center said in a statement.

ZPMC built World No.1 floating crane shipped on May 16th 2016.

ZPMC built World No.1 floating crane shipped on May 16th 2016.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, one of the country's two major shipbuilding conglomerates, plans to integrate six of its shipyards into three. It will focus more on building high-end vessels as the industry remains in choppy waters amid waning global demand.

Officials at the State-owned company said the plan is to simplify its management structure and make itself more proficient in building ships such as very-large crude and ore carriers, bulk carriers, and cement and cattle vessels, which will allow it to diversify its options and broaden its customer base.

China's first medium-long range drone debuts in Shaanxi

China's first medium-long range drone made its maiden flight in Xixian New Town in Shaanxi province on May 10.

The drone with fixed wings can fly 80 km with 15 kilo cargo and deliver goods in a range of locations.

Compared to other unmanned drones, this drone has longer mileage per flight and can handle heavier cargo and is capable of taking off and landing in short distance.

'Made in China' no longer means cheap or shoddy

The “Made in China” brand has long stood for quantity not quality, for a low price rather than a top notch product.

But that is beginning to change. After decades of producing things that chip, break, stain, and freeze-up, product quality in China is quietly edging up.

From clothes to appliances to cell phones, Chinese goods are now proving to be as durable as those made in Japan and nearly as precise as those emerging from high-tech hubs like Taiwan.

Currently, Geely has Emgrand X7 in its SUV product line, but the sales is not well in Chinese auto market. Now Geely has new SUV model - Boyue which aims higher market share.

The spyshot of Geely's new SUV model was released online, and rumours said it will debut on Guangzhou Auto Show Nov 2015.

Apply's CarPlay system will be equiped.