San Lu lawsuitOn the 31st Dec. 2008, The former CEO of San Lu Milk Group was brought to trial at this term of the court.

At eight o'clock,  Tian Wenhua, the former CEO of San Lu Milk Group, was brought into court by police.

Prosecute counsel argue that the defendant, San Lu Milk Group, made and sold milk product which contains melamine. Its CEO, Tian Wenhua, is responsible for that and she should be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Tian Wenhua admitted her guilty, but she also claimed for several times that she felt too confident of the European melamine examination standard.

She said that she was not clear about the sales condition of San Lu milk group. It's obvious that she still haven't been informed about the bankruptcy of San Lu milk group.

She said that her daughter's husband was working for San Lu and if she had known such kind of thing would happened, she would never let he got in San Lu.


This stigma got the whole worlds attention, and pushed the country  passed its Food Safty Law on 2009.02.28。

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