sedan tractor

Several farmers, live in Weinan, Shanxi province, modified (or tuned) one of their sedan into a tractor to plow their fields.

The chinese netizens "consider" this as the realization of chinese agriculture modernization.

Show handCuff

handcuffed in police station

face in black and blue

A citizen, Chai zhanbo, was put in custody by operatives of  Yichuan City, Henan province, and just after that he was tortured in police station. He appealed to media when he was sent to hospital wearing handcuff.

After this issue was reported, the leader of Yichuan public security bureau went to see and appologize to him in hospital with 3000 Yuan medical fee last night and this morning.

Chai Zhanbo said, he called the deputy director general, Li Qiuwan, for lacking of medical fee. At around 5 last afternoon, the police inspector of Chengguan, Shang Yingbin, went to the hospital to return Chai Zhanbo's cellphone which was impounded for 15days.

Shang Yingbin took that cellphone back, due to legal files which asked by Chai at that time. One of police officer told Chai "As it happened, Things done cannot be undone. In the end, it's all about medical fee and compensation. After all, you still have to live in this town - Yichuan."

Chinese netizens had made 5000 comments on that news till now. They were anger and asked govenment to protect civil rights of its people. 

China dairy industy associationThe China Dairy Industry Association sent short massage to the public yesterday, in order to implore pardon from the public.

One operator of the service hotline of China Telecom says, that short massage was sent under the commission of China Dairy Industry Association.

Short massage content:

On the occasion of the New Year, 22 dairy companies, including San Lu,  express that we are sorry and apologize for the harm to children and society. Take this for a lesson and pledge that will never happen again. we are compensating children for their treatment, establishing compensation fund to treat possible sequelae in the future. May all your heart's wishes be fulfilled!

San Lu lawsuitOn the 31st Dec. 2008, The former CEO of San Lu Milk Group was brought to trial at this term of the court.

At eight o'clock,  Tian Wenhua, the former CEO of San Lu Milk Group, was brought into court by police.

Prosecute counsel argue that the defendant, San Lu Milk Group, made and sold milk product which contains melamine. Its CEO, Tian Wenhua, is responsible for that and she should be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Tian Wenhua admitted her guilty, but she also claimed for several times that she felt too confident of the European melamine examination standard.

She said that she was not clear about the sales condition of San Lu milk group. It's obvious that she still haven't been informed about the bankruptcy of San Lu milk group.

She said that her daughter's husband was working for San Lu and if she had known such kind of thing would happened, she would never let he got in San Lu.


This stigma got the whole worlds attention, and pushed the country  passed its Food Safty Law on 2009.02.28。

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