Beijing In Rain 2016

July 20th 2016, Tiananmen Square Beijing.

From the south to the north, with record-breaking downpours, flooding, landslides and loss of lives, China is coping with a seemingly endless string of extreme weather conditions and disasters this summer. And it is bracing for more.

President Xi Jinping has called for the nation to be fully prepared for the huge floods that are expected along some of the country's major rivers.

The Chinese officers will wear the same uniforms that they do in China.

Police officers from China are to collaborate with police officers from Italy in two joint patrols in Rome and Milan in a program based on a Sino-Italian agreement launched here on Monday.

According to the program, police who patrol touristic areas of Rome in central Italy and the business city Milan in northern Italy will include two Chinese officers each, who can speak Italian and English besides Mandarin, for two weeks starting from Monday.

Hours before Asia’s biggest security summit began, China yesterday accused the Philippines of seeking to negate its sovereignty in the South China Sea after Manila described Taiping Island as a reef and not an island in its territorial court case.

“The Philippines’ attempt to define Taiping Island as a ‘reef’ exposes that the goal of its arbitration case is to try to negate China’s sovereignty and related rights over the Spratly Islands,” said China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying.