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Phoenix Legend

The cover of Phoenix Legend's first CD in 2005.

Phoenix Legend (simplified Chinese: 凤凰传奇; pinyin: Fenghuang Chuanqi) is a Chinese popular music duo, consisting of female vocalist Ling Hua (玲花), who is from Inner Mongolia and sings in both Mandarin Chinese and Mongolian, and male rapper Zeng Yi (曾毅), who is from Hunan. They released their first album in 2005.

Their song "On the Moon" (月亮之上; Yueliang Zhi Shang) brought them national attention after they performed it on the television show Star Boulevard. However it has since been accused of being plagiarized from the British band Blue's 2001 hit "All Rise". The duo disputed the accusation.

Their song "Fly Freely" (自由飞翔) has also been placing high on Chinese download charts.

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