Western girl - Briana, covered Chinese song Accompany me for ever in Chinese

There are lots of people don't believe that China have worked out its 5G stealth fighter J-20. They prefer to say these photos are photoshoped ones, but this video will tell you that the J-20 is real in China Air Force's Chengdu test field.


China’s first known stealth aircraft just emerged from a secret development program and was undergoing high-speed taxi tests late last week at Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute’s airfield. Said to be designated J-20, it is larger than most observers expected—pointing to long range and heavy weapon loads.


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Wang YimingFour-year-old Wang Yiming, better known as Xiao Bao, may be the youngest-ever impersonator of Michael Jackson. The boy performed on The Ellen Show, a US TV talk show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres, in February. The moment he met DeGeneres, he gave her a big hug and a lollipop. Through an interpreter, he said he brought the lollipop from Beijing.

Then in full Michael Jackson attire, he danced to the music of Dangerous. When Ellen promised him a tour of Disneyland, he immediately imitated Donald Duck, which amused the audience.

His dancing is hardly an accurate imitation of Jackson but the naivete that only a 4-year-old contains and conveys won applause and screaming.

Xiao Bao is familiar with various stages, as he has been a little star in dozens of shows since his debut at the age of 2. Hip-pop dancing is his favorite. An online video of him and his teacher dancing hip-pop together brought him to The Ellen Show.

Unlike most child stars, Xiao Bao did not learn dancing just to perform.

Xiao Bao was born prematurely and at birth, weighed just a little more than 1 kg, according to his mother, Bian Aiqing. Doctors thus suggested Bian play music for his mental development and engage him in physical activities.

When Xiao Bao was about 1 year old, Bian found he liked moving his body to music beats, even to the ringing of cellphones, and he seemed to have strong rhythm.

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